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Red Kitty Screenshot

8.9K Total Downloads

198K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Model compiled by jess0727
Alt Textures included
Requires Poiyomi Toon 4.6.11 and Dynamic Bones

Assets (48 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Red Kitty/red kitty.fbx
/Assets/Red Kitty/Red Kitty.unity
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Chocker.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Pupils3.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/A new.001.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Hair_F084-HairF (Instance).mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/cheek.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Pupils4.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Material1.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Pupils.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/A new1.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/hand1.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/UpperClothes TEX_blouse.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Untitled.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/A new.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Short.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Hair_Aho003-HairAho (Instance).mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Pupils2.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Boots.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/A new2.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/hand2.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Miho_Kohinata_hairR-HairR (Instance).mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/LeftKeyTurbochargerTsuJi.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Skin01.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/lens.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Miho_Kohinata_hairF-HairF (Instance).mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Mat/Necktie.mat
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/face_MikuAp_b.tga
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/- Eyes -.PNG
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/body002.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/- Eyes 3.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/body00 (2).png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/- Eyes 2.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/blk.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/5.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/body00 1.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/- Eyes 4.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/short.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/1.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/body003.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/body.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/2.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/tie.bmp
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/4.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/dress.png
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/body02_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/TexГКРLЦ¦.jpg
/Assets/Red Kitty/Tex/3.png

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Boopydoopy454 1594781671 ago

Im getting the "FileNotFoundException" and idk how to fix that! I've tried looking it up, and I am still new to unity but nothing was explained in simple terms. I hate unity sometimes! If you know how to fix this pls let me know :(

DusyaDusya 1593244822 ago


Axolotl_Qween 1643949707 ago

Are we allowed to upload as public?

LucyMorningstar 1624033482 ago

I tried it in unity but the vrm export is not possible :( Is it possible to sent the vrm data?

lylarocks101203 1619485979 ago

is this pc only avatar?

lylarocks101203 1611840306 ago

i cant fine the shader anywhere, would 4.6.12 work?

SandSparrow 1599130357 ago

Do you allow edits on this avatar? ( editing the textures for different hair color, eye color,makup ,etc.)?

nanights98 1594788483 ago

ERP When?

Alisa Draconia 1594609370 ago

how do you adjust the ground so I can pick up items with this avatar? It's as if the ground is 10-20 cm lower than how low I can go when touching the ground.

Rif 1592524611 ago

Says the chest is missing in the spine hierarchy

Dragoany 1592478988 ago


sexfornegan 1592477595 ago


NeganVR 1592463714 ago



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