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Long-haired E-girl Screenshot Long-haired E-girl Screenshot Long-haired E-girl Screenshot

5.5K Total Downloads

135.2K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package

Marked as NSFW


Birthday giveaway!

The unity version I used to make this avatar is: Version 2018.4.20f1. Make sure you use this version.

The proper way to import the avatar in Unity: (Follow this, you won't have a problem uploading it)

1. Make a new project
2. Import the vrchat sdk(use the version before avatar 3.0)
3. Import Dynamic Bones
4. Import the poiyomitoon shader (to avoid pink avatar and messed up textures/materials) use the latest version of poiyomi
5. Import the Yukina Unity Package
6. Open the unity scene named "Open me"

Have fun and thank you for downloading!

You can add me on discord if you have questions or suggestions: Aillene#0114

Assets (31 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Yukina.fbx
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Yukina.overrideController
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/PREFAB.prefab
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Open Me.unity
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/sit_by_eggyu.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/open 2.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/crawl_13.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/gun 2.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/vic lewd 2.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/point 2.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/fist 2.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/crossed_arms 1.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/tup 2.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Anims/call me 2.anim
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Shoes.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Nosering.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Shoes.png
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Body.png
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Belt.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/emi.png
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Underwear.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Socks.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Face.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Top.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Top.png
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/black n white.png
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Beanie.png
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Hair.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/beanie.mat
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Face.png
/Assets/Yukina Giveaway/Mats/Body.mat

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BabyDady 1598957345 ago

255 ppl are fat fucking egirls who want to b cute with a ugly ass avatar with a hair that look like my balls hair

blessed 1677515233 ago

i import it and unity crashes

nanights98 1599721551 ago

ERP When?

sexfornegan 1598920092 ago


Hoodytm 1598909828 ago

so u mean the 2.0 SDK?

ZACK010 1598900310 ago


NeganVR 1598875345 ago



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