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Dommy By Fluffy Screenshot Dommy By Fluffy Screenshot Dommy By Fluffy Screenshot

6.9K Total Downloads

161.7K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package

Marked as NSFW


Hello There! This used to be my personal model but i don't use it so decided to upload it here. Head edit by me, everything on the avatar's public (i made the socks and hand sleeves), Feel free to use anything on the model! Please don't change it slightly and claim you made it, i've had a bunch of people try and sell my previous models. I give them for free for a reason :). Make sure to import poiyomi,vrcsdk, dynamic bones before importing the avatar. The mask is toggleable but you need inventory system. I made it SFW so nips are removed. works well in full body and could also be converted to quest (i used like 4 materials). Feel free to add me on vrchat as well, my name is Fluffy (with a heart symbol).

Assets (70 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Dommy.unity
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimatorOverrideController/Dommy.overrideController
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Prefab/FluffyDommy.prefab
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Textures/MatCap2(HQ).png
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Textures/body_rim.png
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Textures/2.png
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Textures/L (1).png
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Textures/Skin_2 (1).png
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/FBX's/Ears.fbx
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/FBX's/FluffyDommy.fbx
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Materials/Hair and Tail.mat
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Materials/Face and Eyes.mat
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Materials/Inside Ears.mat
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Materials/Latex.mat
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/Materials/Body.mat
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/STRAFERT45.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Handgun_Lewd.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/CROUCHIDLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE1.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE8.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/FIST.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/CROUCHWALKRT.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/RUNSTRAFERT45.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/THUMBSUP.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Panties_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Victory_Wink.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/RUNSTRAFELT135.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE6.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/ROCKNROLL.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Mask_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Panties_ENABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/IDLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/VICTORY.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/uwu_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/WALKFWD.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Mask_ENABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/FALL.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/WALKBACK.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Top_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/ClosedFists.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Inv_Anim_Enable.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/HandOpen Grav.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/idle_7.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Inv_Anim_Disable.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/RocknRoll_Angry.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/SPRINTFWD.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Heart_Hand.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/RUNSTRAFERT135.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/STRAFERT.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Fingerpoint+Grav.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/STRAFELT45.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/sexylaying.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/RUNSTRAFELT45.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/RUNFWD.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE7.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/Top_ENABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/HANDGUN.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/PRONEFWD.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/RUNBACK.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE5.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/FINGERPOINT.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/STRAFELT135.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE3.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/uwu_ENABLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/CROUCHWALKFWD.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE2.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/EMOTE4.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/PRONEIDLE.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/STRAFERT135.anim
/Assets/Dommy By Fluffy/AnimationClip/HANDOPEN.anim

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FluffyHeart Author 1611724742 ago

If anyone needs cocoa skin tone texture I have posted them on my Instagram @missfluffybunz feel free to use them

ZACK010 1611082558 ago


Cookie_Sora 1612071069 ago

She is so cute TwT

DemiVR 1611753458 ago

Good stuff Fluffy. =)

RoyaleRuru 1611624407 ago

is there a possible way you could make her dark skin?? i dont want to steal and claim it as mine i want one of my own but i need help QWQ

fluffy 1693851341 ago

hey Fluffy how do i upload to vrchat??

cracker-jack 1687875160 ago

which Poiyomi update did you use ik im late dw bout that

Tyradattimyra 1660064833 ago

I cant add any textures please someone help

king49 1619466151 ago

Is there a way to add back the nips?

Lilithexe 1615655281 ago

Is there a way i could get the model that is nsfw? I would even pay for it, i would love to costimize her with emotes and stuff, if thats okay.

Blazedgeneral2k 1612933058 ago


TidalWaveGamR 1612565717 ago

How do you get the materials to not turn out pink? I'm kind of new to this.

ShayBox 1611823935 ago

Barely any of the materials are named and none are set to texture files that match existing texture filenames, I like what you did with some of the bone names though


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