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Baddie By Fluffy Screenshot Baddie By Fluffy Screenshot

3K Total Downloads

69.5K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Baddie By Fluffy. Hewwo! I made this avatar back in december and i've had so many people want the avatar, its 2.0 decided to give it out for free. Please don't claim as your own and do not sell, it's free for a reason. I'm very busy so if you do not know how to upload models please don't download this. When uploading i have no errors so if you get errors i have no idea. Head edit is made by me, you're welcome to use anything on the model since it's all public assets. For metallic use dopples or arktoon (not included). For best results import Vrcsdk, Poiyomi, Dynamic Bones, Then avatar package. FBX is included. Feel free to add me on vrchat my name is Fluffy (with a heart symbol next to it). I don't claim to be a "avatar creator" nor do i sell models i just do it for fun so there could be little issues with any model i produce! Thanks for downloading have a wonderful day.

Assets (29 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/New Material.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Readme.txt
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Baddie.unity
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/image0 (2).jpg
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Prefab/Fluffybaddie.prefab
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Textures/Body Texture.png
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Textures/Body Texture Neck.png
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Textures/vag.png
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Textures/Top.png
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Textures/Skin Matcap.png
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Textures/Fluffy Face Texture.png
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/FBX/Fluffybaddie.fbx
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/HandOpen.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/Point.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/HandGun.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/Fist.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/Rock_and_roll.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/lay_on_back_prone_idle.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/PublicFluffy.overrideController
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/Thumbs_up.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Animations/Victory.anim
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Eyes.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Face.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Top.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Neck.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Vag.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Anything Black.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Hair.mat
/Assets/Baddie By Fluffy/Materials/Body.mat

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SincerestSawa 1615590328 ago

beautiful face, thanks for sharing

MsKilla 1615279878 ago

FALSE ADVERTISMENT. it's 3.0 not 2.0 the file has animations so meaning it's a 3.0 model

Kimari13 1615175115 ago


arshslow 1622989255 ago

The avatar is all good but the problem is the clips on the avatar are still pink. how do i fix this? i mean i downloaded the arktoon as what fluffy said above but it still doesnt work. moreover i cant find a download for the dopple shader

ll1k4 1618617891 ago

very cute :3

Liyah_k 1617410158 ago

uhm is this quest compatible

millhound 1615886132 ago

Every time i upload into unity and fix the materials, the skin is blank white :(

BabyDady 1619215725 ago

oh look another avatar that look the same like the 100% egirls avatars from vrc

Knownscorpion 1618471296 ago

Where did you get the base?


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