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Phantom Ganon - LoZ Breath of the Wild Screenshot Phantom Ganon - LoZ Breath of the Wild Screenshot

647 Total Downloads

15.5K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Email [email protected] if any issues or questions.
Phanton Ganon from Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild with a spear, energy ball and dynamic bones on cape and hair.
This is a 3.0 avatar.

Rock and roll left: Fires an energy ball that will increase speed on collision.
Rock and roll right: Activate a spear with a collider.
Hand open: Clear gestures for the chosen hand.

Models and audio from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Wii U.
Extracted using BotW-SBFRES-to-FBX.
Dynamic bone
Mochies Uber shader
52 Special Effects Pack

Original model and more assets avaliable from my archive

Assets (62 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Weapon_Spear_029.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Thumbnail.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/LoZ BotW - Phanton Ganon.png
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Phantom Ganon.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Phantom Ganon.prefab
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Phantom Ganon.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/ReadMe.txt
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Audio/SiteBoss_SiteBoss_Warp_Appear_.ogg
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Audio/RemainsElectric_DamageFo_Loop.ogg
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Audio/Guardian_Mini_Player_ElectricStart_.ogg
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Audio/SiteBoss_SiteBoss_Warp_Disappear_.ogg
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/Spear fade out.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/DefaultExpressionsMenu 5.asset
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/default parameters 6.asset
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/EnergyBall active.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/Weapon_Spear_029 (1).controller
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/Spear Fade in.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/Spear Fade in.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/Spear Show.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/vrc_AvatarV3ActionLayer 5.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/Spear fade out.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Animations/vrc_AvatarV3HandsLayer4.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/weapon_spear_029_alb_waifu2x_2x_1n_png.png
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/PGA_Albedo.png
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/PGA_Normal.png
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/PGA_Normal (2).png
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/Weapon_Spear_029_Alb.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/weapon_spear_029_nrm_waifu2x_2x_1n_png.png
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/PGA_Emissive.png
/Assets/Avatars/Phanton Ganon - Breath of the Wild/Materials/PGA_Albedo.mat
/Assets/Mochie/Unity/Textures/SSR Noise.png
/Assets/Mochie/Uber Shader/Uber.shader
/Assets/Animations/MHW Iceborn animations/Step Dance/Step Dance loop 437.anim
/Assets/Animations/MHW Iceborn animations/Clean Power Move/Clean Power Move Main 490.anim
/Assets/Animations/MHW Iceborn animations/Cool Dance/Cool Dance loop 431.anim
/Assets/Animations/Astroneer animations/dance_Hammer OG Suit.anim
/Assets/Animations/Tower Unite animations/SkeleDance.anim
/Assets/Animations/Team Fortress 2 animations/taunt02.anim

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Slava 1624357415 ago

Thanks for your work !!! Was the storage at MEGA closed?

Virtue3D 1621820546 ago

I like this.


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