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Mega Man X - Jakob Orbital Elevator World (Read Description) Screenshot

324 Total Downloads

7.7K Total Views

Asset Type Worlds

File Type Unity Package


The Mega Man Community of VRChat:
Thank you to Leon0000 for the raw files.
I suggest using poiyomi pro for the materials.
Credits and assets belong to Capcom
If you like what I do and want to see more, consider supporting me on Patreon:

Assets (77 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Move 1.controller
/Assets/Movement vava.anim
/Assets/Jakob Elevator for VRC Mods.unity
/Assets/Sigma Head/New Material.mat
/Assets/Sigma Head/Sigma Head New.png
/Assets/Sigma Head/New Material 1.mat
/Assets/Sigma Head/Sigma head 1.fbx
/Assets/Sigma Head/Sigma Head New em.png
/Assets/Moon/New Material.mat
/Assets/Vile/Vile Boss Scene.anim
/Assets/Vile/Music turns off.anim
/Assets/Vile/Vile 2.controller
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material 4.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Jakob Elevator.fbx
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material 7.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/6 em.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Piece 2.fbx
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Jakob Elevator.controller
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/5.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/7.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material 2.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material 5.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/ - Jakob Mega Man X Dive.mp3
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material 6.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material 1.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/OTHER01_002_96867.obj
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/1.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Piece.fbx
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/New Material 3.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/2 em.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/3 em.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Piece.controller
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/2.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Piece 2.controller
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Loop X8.mp3
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/4.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/5 EM.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/Jakob Elevator up.anim
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/yup.anim
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/6.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/1 em.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/4 em.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/JakobOrbitalTower.prefab
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/3.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/SkyboxEarthPlanets/skyboxes/Ring rotate.anim
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/SkyboxEarthPlanets/skyboxes/OTHER01_002_96867.controller
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/SkyboxEarthPlanets/textures/skyboxv1_stars_only/stars002.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Jakob Elevator/SkyboxEarthPlanets/textures/skyboxv1/flipped_sphere.FBX
/Assets/XDive Files/Skyboxes/unnamed.jpg
/Assets/XDive Files/Skyboxes/Space.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Skyboxes/BG_windows.png
/Assets/XDive Files/Skyboxes/images.jpg
/Assets/XDive Files/Skyboxes/City.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Skyboxes/Sky 4.mat
/Assets/XDive Files/Skyboxes/Leaving Earth.mat
/Assets/Planet Earth Free/Prefabs/EarthLow.prefab
/Assets/Planet Earth Free/Materials/Earth1kTexture.png
/Assets/Planet Earth Free/Materials/Earth1kMaterial.mat
/Assets/Planet Earth Free/Materials/Earth1kNormal.png
/Assets/Planet Earth Free/Materials/PlanetGlowMaterial.mat
/Assets/Planet Earth Free/Models/Planet960Tris.FBX
/Assets/x dive/Characters/Vile MK5/MaleIdle2.anim
/Assets/x dive/Characters/Vile MK5/Vile x8 jakob.ogg
/Assets/x dive/Characters/Vile MK5/MK8 Vile.controller
/Assets/x dive/Characters/Vile MK5/Mesh/MK8 Vile.fbx
/Assets/x dive/Characters/Vile MK5/Material/41_mesh1.005_0.1_16_16.mat
/Assets/x dive/Characters/Vile MK5/Texture/Vile upscaled.png
/Assets/x dive/Characters/Vile MK5/Texture/Emmission.png

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