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Heptaknot / Avatar Screenshot Heptaknot / Avatar Screenshot Heptaknot / Avatar Screenshot

406 Total Downloads

10.3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


WARNING: You need Poiyomi Toon and dynamic bone!
Public Poiyomi Toon -
Dynamic Bone -
Ready for upload, just use SDK 3.0
Fl.vco Character
Model - Manish#0718
Server -

Assets (32 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/README.txt
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Heptaknot Scene.unity
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Heptaknot.fbx
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/ClickOnMe.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Textures/Bottle.png
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Textures/Eye.png
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/VRCExpressionsMenu.asset
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/VRCExpressionParameters.asset
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/FX.controller
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Action.controller
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Emotes.asset
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Base.controller
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Locomotion/Standing.asset
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Locomotion/Crouching.asset
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Locomotion/Prone.asset
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Anims/Prone Idle.anim
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Anims/Bottle.anim
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Anims/Crouch Idle.anim
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Anims/Hair.anim
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Descriptor/Anims/Shorts.anim
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Materials/Bottle.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Materials/Skin.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Materials/Red.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Materials/Eyes.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Materials/White.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Materials/Pants.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Heptaknot/Materials/Hair.mat
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Info/MANISH.shader
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Info/MGUI.cs
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Info/Resources/XANAX.jpg
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Info/Resources/Avatarka.png
/Assets/Manish Stuff/Info/Resources/usuzi2.ttf

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PsychoUpdates 1641821299 ago

wait, this is actually fire !

cl0udziee 1648383752 ago

YESSIR spider gang i hope there would be a cubensis one

Xplody64 1689285104 ago

I didn't realize hepta was this known! avatar is swag :)


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