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You must say "Dood" at the end of every sentences. Character is from Disgaea, model converted from Trinity Universe by Hanaminasho. Rigged for VRChat by AlphaBlob

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TrashStars 1598036286 ago


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AzulieZeiro 1540098162 ago


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Menakko 1527524321 ago

this is a great model all around but like BuildLancer stated I have the issue with the camera being in the beak as well, however I found out that is because the head does not move with the camera it is stationary, there also seems to be an issue in regards to the "hands"/flippers, mostly in regards to when it comes to grabbing things, however I am using desktop at the moment so that might be why.
as for the camera in beak I'm attempting to figure out why the head is stationary

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BuildLancer 1516836598 ago

fixed the sinking into ground but cant get vrcam to see properly it sinks into the model so i only see inside his beak no matter where i place it.

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BuildLancer 1516835368 ago

i sank into the ground

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Pocci 1516330493 ago

You can include the shader when you export the package

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TabaruNeko Author 1516240145 ago

You need to select a shader in material, I recommend downloading cubed paradox shader and using flat lit toon, here are my settings

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lirnev 1516239677 ago

I just get a pink prinny shaped blob when uploaded

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