Galaxy Derpy Chan (Lip Sync, Emote, Gesture)

Uploaded by Odar 1526597135 ago


Hello, I am back on my second avatar.
First avatar :

I will let you know the source before introducing.

Template taken at the following link :
Animation source :

- Emote
cheer -> Dab
Dance -> Macarena Dance
Backflip -> Hurricane_Kick
Die -> Death
Sadness -> Bang

- Gesture
F3 = Gun on hand
F5 = Laugh
F6 = HumanHeart on hand
F7 = GunShot

And if you move, your eyes will shake.

- Fixes

Change gesture
Edit clothes
Change hair color

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SelinCore 1588021411 ago

Doesn't blink

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TheGamingFox 1553570666 ago

Where did you get that galaxy shader?

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kenidoge 1542392095 ago

yo @Odar can the avatar blink

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Odar Author 1526961075 ago

fixed comp

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ubisoft85 1526697763 ago


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AzulieZeiro 1526616522 ago

F3 = HumanHeart on hand

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