(OUTDATED) Anti-Crash Client v1

Uploaded by Ted Stevens 1527247429 ago


NEW VERSION: https://vrcmods.com/item/1515

This addresses the "crash gun" problem many malicious users use to crash people.

Will be updated with additional fixes as they get reported.

If you have any questions please contact me on discord.
Contact @Grampa#8070

Fixing shit because we support the future of the game.

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leninjamk 1527731170 ago

Can you update this version for me, please? This was a version I liked the most about anti-crash

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skandlnav 1527418453 ago

@Ted Stevens,

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Ted Stevens Author 1527370384 ago

@skandlnav use the newest version https://vrcmods.com/item/1515

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skandlnav 1527353301 ago

drop fps, i test tws! after instal 50 fps, after uninstal 91

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Clyde 1527296824 ago

Look at the box above the download button, Trixxed

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TrixxedHeart 1527296780 ago

Should put in the description that you might get banned.

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Clyde 1527295782 ago

imagine registering to the site just to fear monger people

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Diff 1527294196 ago

does not work for me, press f1 and no menu appears in the left corner

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kn0wledge 1527293962 ago

0x3e8 nigga are u retarded?

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azami 1527291732 ago

Sorry I should probably clarify, clamping max particle count.

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azami 1527291258 ago

Would be nice if you weren't just clamping emission values. This breaks a lot of animations and you're not putting any measures towards making sure people don't get banned. Would highly recommend against using this if you value your VRChat account.

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ggqf 1527289086 ago

Yes this is a violation of the VRChat ToS, don't be surprised if you get banned. They have no anti-cheat software, most likely only logging and detection. Use this but be aware if you get banned it's your issue not ours. Hopefully within the next update or two they will add this feature natively.

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RustyS 1527288663 ago

Be wary the devs are cracking down on modified clients, no matter if they're used to steal avatars or to stop yourself from crashing as much.

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Strength In Unity 1527287344 ago

Hope data in terms of banning occurrences is being gathered for this tool. Because this is a very important utility that I would love to use safely. Perhaps you could reach out to the developers to let them allow this through the anti-cheat.

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azami 1527283858 ago


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Clyde 1527275519 ago

@kingKryptic The anti-crasher already works when you have it. No need to press any keybinds for it.

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KingKryptic 1527274276 ago

So is this getting people banned (like dected), and how would it work for VR users?

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TrixxedHeart 1527273568 ago

Could using this get you banned? Is it allowed by the Devs as edits to clients aren't allowed.

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Ted Stevens Author 1527273268 ago

Client has been updated, now has additional options via F1 menu

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AzulieZeiro 1527271739 ago

I just run in lowvr mode or lowdesktop mode where its less intense on the system. If you have multicore, you can also limit how many cores VRChat is using to keep it from going too crazy. Unity is not the best engine when it comes to being memory efficient.

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Clyde 1527263908 ago

Copycat, download the file and when you're in game look at the top left of your screen.

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Clyde 1527263582 ago

Copycat, we spent quite a bit of time last night testing things to create an anti-crasher. Claiming we stole it from you when it's just an edit of a file is hilarious. Get off your high horse.

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AzulieZeiro 1527254828 ago

shame you cant just redirect the effect at them ;)

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DatBoiSunny 1527251592 ago

Awesome, good to see someone sharing this since I've been crashed a lot lately in public worlds

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Ted Stevens Author 1527250602 ago

No problem, about to release a new version with additional features.

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tygamer97 1527250258 ago

Not sure if this works but I have it installed just in case. Thank you for this!

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