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BALDI - HorrorFull Screenshot BALDI - HorrorFull Screenshot BALDI - HorrorFull Screenshot BALDI - HorrorFull Screenshot

6.3K Total Downloads

153.5K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Welcome to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning - That's me!
This avatar was modeled, textured, and rigged in Blender from the ground up.

V2.2a Changelog:
- Added jump-scare using Terminal's glitch shader
- Added emotes and sound from V2.0b
- Added a second impossible question with finger-point

V2.0a Changelog:
- Fixes bugs with gestures spawning
- Refined rig (the head was weird before)
- New Think Pad instead of Notebook
- Quiz music added to Think Pad
- Added Quarter gesture
- Increased volume of slap sound
- Moved eyes closer together

Victory = You Can Think Pad in left hand (answerable question).
Finger Point = You Can Think Pad in right hand (impossible question).
Rock and Roll = Ruler in right hand (plays slap sound).
Thumbs Up = Shiny quarter in right hand (reward to players who answer first question correctly).
Hand Gun = Jump-scare (blinds players and plays sound).

Animations Pack by Clyde:

Orange Justice by Mocah:

Glitch Shader by Terminal:

Field Trip Baldi avatar:

Enjoy the edutainment!

Assets (52 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Baldi/Sounds/Thinkpad Music.wav
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Thinkpad (Impossible).mat
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Textures/Thinkpad (Field Trip).jpg
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Textures/Thinkpad Impossible (Basic).jpg
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Textures/Thinkpad Impossible (Field Trip).jpg
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Textures/Scare (Field Trip).jpg
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Textures/Thinkpad (Basic).jpg
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Textures/Scare (Basic).jpg
/Assets/Baldi/Materials/Textures/Glitch Noise.jpg
/Assets/Baldi/Shaders/Gltich Sader by Terminal.shader
/Assets/Baldi/Animation/Gestures/ThinkPad (Impossible).anim
/Assets/Baldi/Models/Baldi Objects.fbx

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PHD_Mcstuffin 1623616579 ago

what do i do when i download the mod

TJPower 1594075611 ago

I cant download could you please fix it

MrTookESQ 1591529834 ago

could you increase the sound of the jump scare

Specimen 2 1559446359 ago

why aren't the gestures working?

chara is awesome 1550882607 ago

Can someone make a rigged first prize and upload it anyone please

Ez Maker 1544238533 ago

its not working, everytime i install it, it only puts in camping baldi, it worked once

QuietTouch608 1538561676 ago

Good job!

Scott Rash 1535156674 ago Scroll to the bottom to see all of the controls for the gestures.

sashaa126 1534624053 ago

how to make gestures if I do not have vr?

Scott Rash 1533483710 ago

This avatar is now a lot better than it was! This is nearing to be in the style of Naddition's Baldi avatar! lol

Mert2010soner 1530145883 ago

How to jumpscare pls tell me Im on Keyboard and mouse

Gandalf 1529610132 ago

More Math.

Gwladys 1529135976 ago

Good Work, better than mine.

ThatOneGamer626 1528946290 ago

add jumpscare and a thing where you can change the math problems

ThatOneGamer626 1528937759 ago

wtf the controls are so complicated. I was playing on vr. I don't even know how to use the ruler correctly. Every time I spank my hand with the ruler, the math problem just keeps showing up.

ThatOneGamer626 1528933375 ago

can u pls make the gestures available for pc?

xluke 1528765129 ago

i meant 502

ThatOneGamer626 1528759864 ago

I keep getting error 502 pls help!

xluke 1528758976 ago

can you please make mediafire version i keep getting error 205 when trying to download on here

Kuma 1528571099 ago

I want Jumpscare. please

Scott Rash 1528478364 ago

Try downloading this model again, as it just got updated to Version 2.0. The update includes the gesture spawning being fixed.

HoodiniBoi 1528424174 ago

yes, ive tried that, nothing works

Scott Rash 1528398272 ago

If you are on just regular vrchat in non-vr mode, then I don't know.

Scott Rash 1528398184 ago

Are you making a whole fist? If so, that is not how you get a ruler or notebook. To get the ruler, you have to hold down the trigger/grip button and then also hold down the little joystick at the same time. To get the notebook/think pad, you have to just simply hold the joystick down.

HoodiniBoi 1528357786 ago

Hey can someone help me, for some reason the gestures dont work i cant use the ruler or anything, idk why please help

Scott Rash 1528301815 ago

Great work dude! I honestly think that their should be a feature were when you pull the notebook out, it's a randomized equation. Then, at some point, it will trigger the impossible 3rd question. If this is possible, then I'd like to see it. I understand if it won't work. Otherwise, keep it up!

Geeloow 1528032767 ago

ayyy that's me in the second pic :)

Lyeco 1527986898 ago

Get ready to be spanked in vrc

Klotschie 1527953027 ago

for a sec. i tought someone stole my badli, but this one looks garbage xDphew nice work tho.

Cokey 1527950478 ago

o yeah

MarioKart7z 1527949009 ago

o no


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