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Welcome to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning - That's me!
This avatar was modeled, textured, and rigged in Blender from the ground up.

V2.2a Changelog:
- Added jump-scare using Terminal's glitch shader
- Added emotes and sound from V2.0b
- Added a second impossible question with finger-point

V2.0a Changelog:
- Fixes bugs with gestures spawning
- Refined rig (the head was weird before)
- New Think Pad instead of Notebook
- Quiz music added to Think Pad
- Added Quarter gesture
- Increased volume of slap sound
- Moved eyes closer together

Victory = You Can Think Pad in left hand (answerable question).
Finger Point = You Can Think Pad in right hand (impossible question).
Rock and Roll = Ruler in right hand (plays slap sound).
Thumbs Up = Shiny quarter in right hand (reward to players who answer first question correctly).
Hand Gun = Jump-scare (blinds players and plays sound).

Animations Pack by Clyde:

Orange Justice by Mocah:

Glitch Shader by Terminal:

Field Trip Baldi avatar:

Enjoy the edutainment!

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PHD_Mcstuffin 1623616579 ago

what do i do when i download the mod

0 Reply
TJPower 1594075611 ago

I cant download could you please fix it

0 Reply
MrTookESQ 1591529834 ago

could you increase the sound of the jump scare

0 Reply
Specimen 2 1559446359 ago

why aren't the gestures working?

0 Reply
chara is awesome 1550882607 ago

Can someone make a rigged first prize and upload it anyone please

0 Reply
Ez Maker 1544238533 ago

its not working, everytime i install it, it only puts in camping baldi, it worked once

0 Reply
QuietTouch608 1538561676 ago

Good job!

0 Reply
Scott Rash 1535156674 ago Scroll to the bottom to see all of the controls for the gestures.

0 Reply
sashaa126 1534624053 ago

how to make gestures if I do not have vr?

0 Reply
Scott Rash 1533483710 ago

This avatar is now a lot better than it was! This is nearing to be in the style of Naddition's Baldi avatar! lol

0 Reply
Mert2010soner 1530145883 ago

How to jumpscare pls tell me Im on Keyboard and mouse

0 Reply
Gandalf 1529610132 ago

More Math.

0 Reply
Gwladys 1529135976 ago

Good Work, better than mine.

0 Reply
ThatOneGamer626 1528946290 ago

add jumpscare and a thing where you can change the math problems

0 Reply
ThatOneGamer626 1528937759 ago

wtf the controls are so complicated. I was playing on vr. I don't even know how to use the ruler correctly. Every time I spank my hand with the ruler, the math problem just keeps showing up.

0 Reply
ThatOneGamer626 1528933375 ago

can u pls make the gestures available for pc?

0 Reply
xluke 1528765129 ago

i meant 502

0 Reply
ThatOneGamer626 1528759864 ago

I keep getting error 502 pls help!

0 Reply
xluke 1528758976 ago

can you please make mediafire version i keep getting error 205 when trying to download on here

0 Reply
Kuma 1528571099 ago

I want Jumpscare. please

0 Reply
Scott Rash 1528478364 ago

Try downloading this model again, as it just got updated to Version 2.0. The update includes the gesture spawning being fixed.

0 Reply
HoodiniBoi 1528424174 ago

yes, ive tried that, nothing works

0 Reply
Scott Rash 1528398272 ago

If you are on just regular vrchat in non-vr mode, then I don't know.

0 Reply
Scott Rash 1528398184 ago

Are you making a whole fist? If so, that is not how you get a ruler or notebook. To get the ruler, you have to hold down the trigger/grip button and then also hold down the little joystick at the same time. To get the notebook/think pad, you have to just simply hold the joystick down.

0 Reply
HoodiniBoi 1528357786 ago

Hey can someone help me, for some reason the gestures dont work i cant use the ruler or anything, idk why please help

0 Reply
Scott Rash 1528301815 ago

Great work dude! I honestly think that their should be a feature were when you pull the notebook out, it's a randomized equation. Then, at some point, it will trigger the impossible 3rd question. If this is possible, then I'd like to see it. I understand if it won't work. Otherwise, keep it up!

0 Reply
Geeloow 1528032767 ago

ayyy that's me in the second pic :)

0 Reply
Lyeco 1527986898 ago

Get ready to be spanked in vrc

0 Reply
Klotschie 1527953027 ago

for a sec. i tought someone stole my badli, but this one looks garbage xD
nice work tho.

0 Reply
Cokey 1527950478 ago

o yeah

0 Reply
MarioKart7z 1527949009 ago

o no

0 Reply

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