Dance & Emotes Animation Pack

Uploaded by Gpuna 1534797520 ago


Here are 50+ animations that I have piled up

****I did not create any animations, only put them into files***

Includes Animations:
*Dance Emotes

Enjoy <3

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blacksoul93 1542568976 ago

how do i add these to vrchat

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Polygonal 1586824776 ago


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Temmie wtf 1534859100 ago

I'm looking for emotions and I always get the same thing. but I would like a new one but it seems they do not do it anymore

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Temmie wtf 1534859016 ago

hmm you are right. I thought they were here

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Gpuna Author 1534853788 ago

and theyre not posted, most people dont even know where to get them. Thanks for your input :)

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Temmie wtf 1534853047 ago

Actually this is just a same emotes like others packs here... nothing new

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Gpuna Author 1534817695 ago

ur very welcome ^-^

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AzulieZeiro 1534814000 ago


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