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Mask with simple "Audio visualizer" visemes you can slap on your avatar's face.
It should work the same when scaled so it can probably be used on any head shape.

Edited out of this: https://www.deviantart.com/reseliee/art/Spiked-Face-Mask-DOWNLOAD-650016473

How to setup.
1. Place wherever you want it to be on your avatar.
2. Drag & Drop WL_Mask Body to the Viseme Blend Shape in the Avatar Descriptor (See image 2)

Polygons: 1996
Materials: 2 for the mask and the visemes, you can change it to look however you want.

Dont worry about the line being visible in unity, it's hidden in game with vrc.v_sil when you dont talk.

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Anima Nox 1589808998 ago

How do I put this mask on my avatar's face? I know I have to make it link to a bone, but IDK how.

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Zanic 840 1572622844 ago


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t5467 1629817841 ago

@Aoji just wanted to know how you did the "Audio visualizer" either by manually setting up the individuals vismemes and renaming them to vrc defaults or if you used any shader/program to set up the visualizer?

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Mytube 123 1588091942 ago

when i put the wl in to the face mesh i can only hear myself and nothing is moving help pls

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Aoji Author 1552106287 ago

It is just Standard shader with carbon fiber texture you can find from google, Metallic and Smoothness set to 1, i dont know how good Standard shader looks in VRChat but maybe you can try https://vrcmods.com/item/4039-ReroStandard-A-Standard-shader-hack-for-VRChat for it. Visemes are Unlit.

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mozzarellala 1552105625 ago

Gotcha, thanks. Can you upload a screenshot of the shaders used in the first picture? I like the look of it and want to try and recreate that shader

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Aoji Author 1552104975 ago

You can change the materials yourself to whatever you want, i didn't include any in the unity package. Just click the "body" of the mask and drag & drop whatever to mask and visemes material slots. As for the "pulsing", i don't really know.

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mozzarellala 1552102946 ago

colors on my import seems to be off. here's a screenshot to show what i mean, http://prntscr.com/mvc41w
all the materials in the import seem to have been messed up i suppose this is what i looks like in game http://prntscr.com/mvc4tx, the lines also seem to pulse into the face alot when i am playing music through a soundboard. any help with either these problems is appreciated

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seabug 1550895511 ago


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Dennileon1 1550865514 ago

Thank you

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Aoji Author 1550865163 ago

Yes you can, you can change material on the mask and the visualization.

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Dennileon1 1550863321 ago

Can i put a new material on it to change the shader on it or does that destroys the speaking visualization?

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Aoji Author 1550862490 ago

@starlifestyle See image 2

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starlifestyle 1550857289 ago

good but how to put wl?

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TeddyXD 1550855831 ago


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zanda 1550854409 ago


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