Jump Force - Jotaro 69K poly (visemes and eye tracking)

Uploaded by Eagle 1551046085 ago


Jotaro from Jump Force

He comes with visemes and eye tracking

Uses Cubed Shaders

Edit: Leg problem should be fixed now, thanks to datguyfelix for helping out!

Questions? DM me on discord @ Eagle#4191

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EZeno 1554845553 ago

it says that the face mesh is not specified

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Jotaro 1551496840 ago

Did you fix the eye stuff also?

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Eagle Author 1551351466 ago

@SparkTheKirin https://vrcmods.com/item/3969

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SparkTheKirin 1551326590 ago

Rip Yugi so we have a good model for him. I have so many plans in VR

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Zameroth 1551295332 ago

Do you plan on ripping more jump force models and uploading them here?

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Leif2019 1551217430 ago

Could you rip the DIO and The World model from jump force?

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Jotaro 1551215376 ago

Legs aren't scuffed. You just need to set them right. Also, I cannot get the visemes to work at all. Nither the eye tracking.

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TheVoid 1551130637 ago

the legs are scuffed for me ;-;

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Eagle Author 1551088442 ago

@KingCDog Maybe if I have time, if you could get me a good link to the model I could check it out :shrug:

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KingCDog 1551071210 ago

THIS IS AWESOME!.... You think you could make The Joker from Batman?

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