Edgy Kanna

Uploaded by Ping 1517897162 ago


Someone in-game requested I upload this
It's just a reskinned version of nuclearsyrup's Kanna model found here:https://vrcmods.com/item/399-Kawaii-Kanna-(Read-Desc.-for-Update).

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Im_Schiz 1588427803 ago

When I import her into unity there is this white thing covering her face, what's up with that?

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seanp6969 1535240449 ago

why is there a white box on her face

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AllyOPaly 1522371702 ago

why arent there any textures. i downloaded it and it was just only pink. no textures :(

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Kameronii 1518304461 ago

Theres a weird white box on her face for me?

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nuclearsyrup 1517981642 ago

What’s wrong?

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Ping Author 1517979146 ago

@kirawaii, I'm not sure why that's happening, it all seems to work when i download it. As it is nuclearsyrups model, perhaps they would have a better idea of how to fix that, good luck <3

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Kirawaii 1517975233 ago

sorry i could have used more context lol her face isnt there everything else looks perfect!

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Ping Author 1517974567 ago

@kirawaii What's the issue?

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Kirawaii 1517971135 ago

its not complete D:

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Ping Author 1517901256 ago

Gotchu fam <3

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nuclearsyrup 1517900656 ago

Thanks Broski

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