Holographic Shader

Uploaded by F 1518878861 ago


When added to the player it gives you many different options. Basically you can make it look bright and glitchy or a bit moody and colorful.

- Warning -

If you do something stupid with it and get banned I am not to blame for it.


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ChrisCtrlGaming 1535045963 ago

It's more of a hologram effect and not holographic

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bitch boi 1571103281 ago

fake shadertoy

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Xephinos 1552612797 ago

I just got aids thank you <3

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bobilly89 1519052055 ago

i liek waffles

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F Author 1518959065 ago

@Mowsterowo You can use the shader to make holographic effects if you use the right colors and textures.

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YoImADog 1518923725 ago

Def make more shaders like this. Will definitely use.

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Mowsterowo 1518884348 ago

I don't really understand the holografic part but i see how this shader is able to make some really cool effects.

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