Venti || Genshin Impact (With DynamicBones)

Uploaded by freezybruhh 1603190312 ago


USES POYOMI TOON SHADER --MORE GENSHIN IMPACT AVATARS-- Converted by me: Paimon Klee Converted by others: Kaeya Diluc Swords

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willis8080 1603199929 ago

A cute boy, lovely.

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foxtrxt 1603848299 ago

I don't know whether you do requests, but are you able to make one for Razor? Thanks ^^

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TacoBellLord 1603741713 ago

God I hope people don't make hentai with this model. The best boy is too wholesome for such matters

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TacoBellLord 1606606707 ago

Hey man, something with the normals came up, it said it "Can't generate normals for blendshape 'INSERT PART OF MESH' on mesh 'Body', mesh has no smoothing groups." Do you happen to have any ideas as to why this might be?

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rel 1606469869 ago

flip a tit

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BLCAKout 1604037619 ago

please make Beidou?

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NeganVR 1603221305 ago

trap my favorite sex

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LovableAF 1603211823 ago

Genshin Sex

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