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Digital Clock Screenshot Digital Clock Screenshot Digital Clock Screenshot Digital Clock Screenshot Digital Clock Screenshot Digital Clock Screenshot Digital Clock Screenshot

11.2K Total Downloads

262.3K Total Views

Asset Type Clothing and Accessories

File Type Unity Package


Uses only one material.
Usable on avatars and in worlds.
Shows local time since last world join.
Local means everyone sees different time, time is client side only, not synchronized between players.

If you want real world time on your avatar vote on this:
Download most up to date version here

Assets (74 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Showcase Scene.unity
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Floor.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V1/clock.png
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V1/Clock V1.shader
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V1/Neitri's Clock V1.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V1/Materials/clock.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3 Realtime World Only/Clock V3 Realtime World Only.shader
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3 Realtime World Only/Clock Mesh A.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3 Realtime World Only/Neitri's Clock V3 B Realtime World Only.prefab
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3 Realtime World Only/Clock Texture.png
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3 Realtime World Only/Neitri's Clock V3 A Realtime World Only.prefab
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3 Realtime World Only/Clock Mesh B.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3 Realtime World Only/Materials/clock.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V2/Clock V2.shader
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V2/clock.png
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V2/Neitri's Clock V2 C.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V2/Neitri's Clock V2 A.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V2/Neitri's Clock V2 B.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V2/Materials/clock.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Prometheus/Prometheus Font -
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Prometheus/PROMETHEUS.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Digital-7/digital-7.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Digital-7/readme.txt
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Digital-7/digital-7 (italic).ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Digital-7/Digital-7 Font Family · 1001 Fonts.url
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Digital-7/digital-7 (mono italic).ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Digital-7/digital-7 (mono).ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAMFAT.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAMFATNARROW.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/ License.txt
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAMFATSKEW.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAM.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAMSKEWNARROW.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/Digital dream Font Family · 1001 Fonts.url
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAMFATSKEWNARROW.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAMNARROW.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/digital-dream/DIGITALDREAMSKEW.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Disolve/Disolve Font -
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Disolve/Disolve_light.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/Fonts/Disolve/Disolve_regular.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3/Neitri's Clock V3 C.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3/Clock V3.shader
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3/clock.png
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3/Neitri's Clock V3 B.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3/Neitri's Clock V3 A.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3/Materials/clock black.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V3/Materials/clock.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Clock B.png
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Neitri's Clock V4 B.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Clock V4 B.shader
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Clock V4 A.shader
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Clock A.png
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Neitri's Clock V4 A.fbx
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/B/clock orange.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/B/clock white.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/B/clock pink.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/B/clock blue.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/B/clock.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/A/clock orange.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/A/clock pink.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/A/clock blue.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Materials/A/clock.mat
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-MediumItalic.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/Roboto Mono - Google Fonts.url
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-Thin.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-Regular.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-LightItalic.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-Bold.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-ThinItalic.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-Medium.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-Italic.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-Light.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/RobotoMono-BoldItalic.ttf
/Assets/Neitri's Clock/V4/Font/Roboto_Mono/LICENSE.txt

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Destroyer30088 1690073871 ago

i tried it and its not working for me for some odd reason

Nebula28 1662355871 ago

Is there a way you can make the local timer start after a button is pressed

bentleychillin 1605221050 ago

dose it work or nah

latvietis 1603212097 ago

why realtime not work?

planetpatrick 1601238082 ago


NickIAm 1588248756 ago

Realtime clock doesn't work for me.

DonutBiscut 1581743357 ago

hey can i get it to work for quest or no

Finics 1578555749 ago

I tried to put this clock in the world as a timer. But I tried several ways and don't know how to reset the time. Can you please let me know or Discord tag?

Neitri Author 1537580671 ago

it does count up, they are just memeing

Red134 1537493784 ago

thx man

AzulieZeiro 1537454168 ago

is it not counting up

RainbowLoli 1537384001 ago

lime teft dntil i uie

Paranoias Big Venom 1537292543 ago

die until left time i

letter 1537229514 ago

time left until i die

Rubba 1537228360 ago

time left until i die

A 1537187641 ago

Time left until I die.

Negan 1537185134 ago

time left until i die


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