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Kisaragi (Working Chainsaw, Gestures, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync) Screenshot Kisaragi (Working Chainsaw, Gestures, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync) Screenshot Kisaragi (Working Chainsaw, Gestures, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync) Screenshot Kisaragi (Working Chainsaw, Gestures, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync) Screenshot Kisaragi (Working Chainsaw, Gestures, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync) Screenshot Kisaragi (Working Chainsaw, Gestures, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync) Screenshot Kisaragi (Working Chainsaw, Gestures, Eye Tracking, Lip Sync) Screenshot

14.2K Total Downloads

343.7K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


You will also need to import the CubedShaders package into unity before importing this avatar, the download link is below:

This avatar comes with a working chainsaw along with two other gestures, has blinking animations, functional eye tracking, and lip sync. This model also has dynamic bones and colliders for the hair and dress. Has 8 custom emotes including: Caramell Dance, 0 To 100, Bubble Top, Gangnam, Hip Hop Dancing, Shuffle, Running Man Slav, Sweet Dreams

1. Download the cubedshaders and vrcsdk if you don't have it. Links are above.
2. Import vrcsdk into unity, then the cubed shaders package.
3. import the avatar
4. Load the scene named Kisaragi placed in the folder named Kisaragi
5. Upload

There are three gestures for this model:
RockNRoll: Pulls out a chainsaw with a rotating blade and plays chainsaw audio
Victory: Happy expression
FingerPoint: Upset expression

Thanks to Roqj for his Kisaragi avatar model.

Assets (66 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/kisaragi/sweet dreams_vmd.anim
/Assets/kisaragi/CustomOverrideEmpty 1.overrideController
/Assets/kisaragi/Working Azuren Kitsaragi.fbx
/Assets/kisaragi/kisaragi (1).controller
/Assets/kisaragi/Materials/Check Do.mat
/Assets/kisaragi/Saw/Chainsaw Sound Effect [360p] (
/Assets/kisaragi/Saw/kisaragi (1).controller

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Polygonal 1586824760 ago


bloonarius 1664767505 ago


Tom333444 1522711788 ago

It fixed itself somehow haha

bobilly89 Author 1522589926 ago

@tom333444 ask in discord, I'm sure they can help you fix the issue.

Tom333444 1522589393 ago

When i upload this avatar i get a clusterfuc of textures.

ExperiencedTribesman 1521171609 ago

She thicc

MGFabi 1518426529 ago

For whatever reason the chainsaw doesn't show...

mushimush 1518404958 ago

So the 3 "Gestures" can they only be activated if you have the motion control sticks? Can't figure out how to trigger it and I couldn't see anything in the menu by those titles.

MP83 1518254114 ago

To get rid of the sunken mouth, just change all shaders on materials to "Unlit, texture". The model will always be looking bright in all lightning condititions, but at least there's no sunken mouth anymore.

lyubka20 1517923038 ago

??? ???????????? ???? ??? vr?

bobilly89 Author 1517884748 ago

@I don't think so. It was actually made that why by the guy who 3d modeled it.

thebestusername 1517867307 ago

Does anyone know how to fix the sunken mouth? It really bothers me.

Nuelogical 1517632426 ago

By the way, the view position is off on this model, it makes the avatar's arms stick forward when using VR. With some testing, I recommend setting the view position to Y(0.82) and X(-0.01)

nahuel256 1517628379 ago

How i can use the chainsow whithout vr?

Atomic Storm 1517523428 ago

Ya, may have been an error.

bobilly89 Author 1517516534 ago

@atomic storm there is lip sync. if its not added in already due to importing error or something just add it in yourself using the visemes lip sync thing. It should already be there though.

Thunderchild 1517472468 ago

Yeah the sunken mouth thing is still there, anyone know how to fix it?

u4017470 1517452572 ago

If i override emote1 emote2 etc. in the controler, to use it on pc, the avatar just flicks underground for a sec what to i need to do?

Atomic Storm 1517440467 ago

There is no lip sync. I think the sunken mouth is still there. Some animations are being weird for me. Added some of my own stuff since some things i do not like. But the chainsaw is cool

broiler 1517438902 ago

@atomic Storm ty it works now ))

u4017470 1517438251 ago

Does this model also have that weird sunken mouth?

Atomic Storm 1517437453 ago

But since that would not position the hands upright or anything i think not

Atomic Storm 1517437347 ago

I have not messed with emotes personally @broiler but I would think you must open the animation overide and drag the animations into "emote1' etc

broiler 1517437082 ago

@bobbilly89 Thank you for uploading this but 1 question how do i get the animaitions on my emote menu i still got the default emotes

Atomic Storm 1517417103 ago

Yep @bobilly89 that’s the problem I had with mine as well. But doesn’t happen with other avatars, it’s weird

bobilly89 Author 1517416670 ago

@Exozze the error seems to occur when using the latest VRCSdk. Please use an older version. The one that works best is the one from january 23rd. I will upload the sdk and put the link in the description.

Zearyen 1517416585 ago

You forgot the Cubeds Shaders that u need to add

cinnamontoastkevin 1517416518 ago

the model turned pink for me am i importing it wrong ir is there something wrong with the file itself?

Zearyen 1517409324 ago

@bobilly89 are you on the discord? ive had the same problem and posted a picture on there

Atomic Storm 1517406175 ago

I have made a lot of the same changes except lip syncing and chainsaw. Cool man! Mine kinda broke in Unity as well so I can just add additions like I may not want the chainsaw. Thanks!

Exozze 1517404618 ago

Error : the following component types are found on the avatar and will be removed by the client

arcrox 1517390273 ago

That was quick. Top notch quality model, thx a lot!

bobilly89 Author 1517390163 ago

@arcrox I updated the model to fix the hair. I also reduced the volume of the chainsaw and added colliders for the hair and dress.

arcrox 1517388304 ago

Is the central tuft of hair supposed to look like the 5th and 6th pictures? That's how it appears in Unity/in-game. I was hoping it would look like it does in the screenshots of avatar testing room.

djanky 1517386823 ago



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