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Kawaii Kanna (Read Desc. for Update) Screenshot

33K Total Downloads

780.1K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


I didn't like how the Kanna on this site had broken textures so I found one that worked. My vrchat name is nuclearsyrup, I usually hangout in the great pug, hit me up if you see me.

This model come 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Dynamic Bones and colliders
-Eye Tracking

(UPDATE) In the latest update, I've fixed the issue with the expressions all ways showing. Though I've had to disable them, I do plan on figuring out how to implement those materials correctly i the future. I did this to make my audience satisfied.

This is a finished avatar that I will be updating progressively as my skills get better. Comment if you want to help.

Thanks for the 1st trending and 5,000 downloads and most downloaded and 1st top rated!!! The Kanna Army is that much closer to dominating vrchat and then the world!

This model is free to modify, I just did all the things necessary to make it work in vrchat. If you do decide to make a modified verison of mine and post it please make sure you tell me and mention me. Since I am a part of the Kanna Gang, members are free to use this as their main since Kanna Gang is under a bit of fire right now from the VRChat team for no good reason.

Be sure to check out my new avatar, Kawaii Kanna 1/2 Sized

Assets (104 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Kanna/LOAD ME.unity
/Assets/Kanna/Kanna Kamui Ver. 1.03.pmx
/Assets/Kanna/jacket weight tras.txt
/Assets/Kanna/DONT LOAD.fbx
/Assets/Kanna/Textures/hair spa.png
/Assets/Kanna/Textures/plug spa.png
/Assets/Kanna/Textures/tears spa.png
/Assets/Kanna/Textures/ball spa.png
/Assets/Kanna/Textures/shoe spa.png
/Assets/Kanna/Textures/hair spa2.png
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Demo Lightmapping.unity
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Demo Scene.unity
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/New Material.mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/UnityChan (Unlit Shadowed).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/UnityChan (Flat Lit Toon Rainbow).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/UnityChan (Flat Lit Toon Distance Fade).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/UnityChan (Flat Lit Toon Outline).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/UnityChan (Flat Lit Toon).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/Skybox (Simple Gradient Sky).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/Lightmapping Material.mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/UnityChan (Flat Lit Toon Improved).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Materials/Ground Plane (Unit Shadowed).mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon Rainbow.shader
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/FlatLitToonShadows.cginc
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/FlatLitToonCore.cginc
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon Distance Fade.shader
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon.shader
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Unit Shadowed.shader
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Simple Gradient Sky.shader
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Editor/FlatLitToonInspector.cs
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Editor/Instant Screenshot/Documentation - Instant screenshot.pdf
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Editor/Instant Screenshot/ScreenshotTaker.cs

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NeganVR 1565720355 ago


thic 1586070609 ago

pls dont lewd THE LOLI

MeowMilk 1518253338 ago

I'm pretty sure "DONT LOAD.fbx" is the model, if you just put that in blender and use cats to separate model and then remove the faces of the legs under the stockings (in edit mode), and then connect again it should be fixed. U don't need to separate model tho u can do it withoutno offense nuclear but you should probably do that and update the model so the leggings dont go through the legs, thats what others meant with ripped leggings of fix the legs

Derpy_Aura115 1610055714 ago

Something is covering the model's face and i can't remove it.

Polygonal 1586824655 ago


hamahaki 1593265752 ago


WildCree 1592279098 ago

There is clipping with the stockings and legs. To fix it you could get rid of the stockings and put the that texture on the legs.

Hyrim 1581264890 ago

Can I modify this for personal use?

HeIchDei 1580074155 ago

in game, her hand falls in her skirts??

pootiewashere 1578857634 ago

imma upload a couple of modified kannas if thats okay

MrSpaceOrange 1578819596 ago

how to remove underpants?

TrapCrusader 1566976814 ago

Hi, I recently did an edit of this avatar and put it on my first VRchat world. If you want me to remove it from my world let me know and I will.Thanks.

daddy dagger 1563846012 ago

Hey i wonder if i can use this model to make a thug kanna it will be private not public

Gantz4 1551990382 ago

I love your model rate me custom avatar ? and add me on discord: Gantz4#9339

Vadimboikoko 1544910596 ago

can i use this

Gujaro 1540999689 ago

im searching for those avatars it would be awesome you maybe can make them (Diane ~seven deadly sins~ , Android 21 ~Dragonball~ and Mt.Lady ~hero academia~ i would so love you for that <3

SnowballSB 1533914436 ago

Heckin' anime.

ArgentumLux 1526013433 ago

How did you fix it? I'm having the same problem.

bingbingbong 1523613874 ago

nvm fixed it

bingbingbong 1523612154 ago

face messes up when uploading

Whatskraken 1522731511 ago

it worked first time. that's a first for me. thanks man

Whatskraken 1522730665 ago

alright. it worked. now.... how do I upload it?

Whatskraken 1522728625 ago

alright. I went and made an account to do this. maybe it's that I had an outdated version of unity, (the new version is downloading right now) but when I loaded the model it had white squares all over her eyes and changing the render mode to cut out didn't help. I'll tell you if the new version of unity fixes the problem.

JohnnyTheDude 1521178110 ago

oh boy! another avatar to add to my hit of dopamine known as VRChat!

nuclearsyrup Author 1518650653 ago

That's because the polygon count is way to low to show those kinds of details well, the sdk only allows 20k while this is a 100k model to start off with

Narumaya 1518640044 ago for both kanna model

Narumaya 1518639867 ago

uh the button in the middle is kinda messed up abit

nuclearsyrup Author 1518313891 ago

Sounds good? I’m having trouble with getting unity to work on my new rig so I’m a bit hindered right now in making avatars

MeowMilk 1518253571 ago

it also lowers the face count by 1,016 faces, which allows room for other things to be higher poly

MeowMilk 1518253503 ago

actually you can also just separate by materials and then just click one of the parts of the skin that shows and delete that, it's separate from the rest of the legs

Kaz 1517746244 ago

Nuclear the leggings are ripped can you change that

Space Explorer 159 1517715879 ago

Nice avatar.Now make one of Thomas.

nuclearsyrup Author 1517687625 ago

What do you mean fix the legs?

Kaz 1517658729 ago

I fixed expressions just need fixed leggings

Kaz 1517658704 ago

Can you fix the ripped leggings

Wvyshe 1517602838 ago

the expressions are in front of the eyes etc.any1 knows how to fix it?

lordvortexian 1517514889 ago

@nuclearsyrup if you could that would be good

nuclearsyrup Author 1517501506 ago

Are you having the problem with the visor? I can take some snap shots for you

emida 1517501204 ago

"change the render from opaque to cutoff" How do you do that? ;_; Sorry i'm very new to this

Kaz 1517455108 ago


nuclearsyrup Author 1517452835 ago

Thanks for the input Kaz, I added dynamic bones to the model and took your input in organizing.

Kaz 1517450788 ago

Just for future reference I recommend better organization for instance: a textures folder, name the scene 'LOAD ME', etc. Overall though I like it so thanks.

nuclearsyrup Author 1517446062 ago

Holy hell, 200 downloads, I’m going to update the file with dynamic bones and upload the smaller version

Kizil 1517442338 ago

Oh my God! Her panties can be removed!

nuclearsyrup Author 1517431919 ago

if that happens, then change the render from opaque to cutoff, its the view port from MMD because this model was made with VR in mind

Nubbins 1517431243 ago

Just a heads up I opened the unity file and she has some purple square on her face


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