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neko animation squad Screenshot

4.6K Total Downloads

110.3K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


neko animation squad

Assets (50 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/All folders/Standard_Double-sided (1).shader
/Assets/All folders/Cat Lick.anim
/Assets/All folders/Standard_Double-sided_1.shader
/Assets/All folders/Cat Girl 7.controller
/Assets/All folders/NAS Fox logo.fbx
/Assets/All folders/Stuff Unity wichtig/Random unity zeug/Texturen all/Face2.png
/Assets/All folders/Stuff Unity wichtig/Random unity zeug/Texturen all/ava tex/Hair Text pack 2/9.png
/Assets/All folders/all Shaders/VRCSDK/Examples/Sample Assets/Animation/AvatarControllerTemplate.controller
/Assets/All folders/all Shaders/VRCSDK/Examples/Sample Assets/Animation/Male_Standing_Pose.fbx
/Assets/All folders/Materials/body.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/Material1.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/Material.006.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/skirt.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/ネクタイ.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/tail-tex(3).mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/shippo.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/glyph___mine_by_drago_w-d464hr4.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/Material.008.mat
/Assets/All folders/Materials/Material.007.mat
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/Body23.png
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/toonmap_defo.bmp
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/wing_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/toon-SP.bmp
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/toonmap_hair_01.bmp
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/LOVED.png
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/toonmap_eye.bmp
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/toonmap_01.bmp
/Assets/All folders/Texturen all/Tda Hair text/butterfly_04.png
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Cat over.overrideController
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/WOW 1.anim
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/realy.anim
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/tex/face_MikuAp_b.tga
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/tex/n4.png
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/tex/face21.png
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/tex/2.png
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/tex/accShippo004.png
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/New Folder/Cat Girl.fbx
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/face2.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/faceori2.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/hair_MikuAp6548564.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/Material1.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/face21.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/body00_MikuAp_b.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/n4.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/shirt.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/shippo.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/face.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/shhor2.mat
/Assets/All folders/Pavo Studio/TDA Rakkii ( Rin Reamke)/Materials/2.mat

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9tails 1557199753 ago

Cute 9/11

Azamichoo 1582299910 ago

Just downloaded

EsterRakkii666 1569171038 ago

I'M SORRY BUT YOU STOLE MY MODEL. Its hard to ask if you can edit her? I put so much work in my model and YOU just came, recolour her and put her there without me knowing? You will regret this.

EsterRakkii666 1569170873 ago

I'M SORRY BUT YOU STOLE MY MODEL. Its hard to ask if you can edit her? I put so much work in my model and YOU just came, recolour her and put her there without me knowing? You will regret this.

legalthedeagle 1562352381 ago

neko: steals everything from hard working people to put on a vrchat avatar*gets lots of downvotes*
also neko: WHY U MAD, IT JUST GAME

CryCry 1559290315 ago

@Largo Everything's stolen, literally just put their names on everything and takes full credit for it.

Largo 1557775089 ago

Thank you I love it! What's up with all the downvotes?

G0RE 1555963160 ago

Idk why alot of people are hating in the comments. I just see a pretty nice avatar. And works like charm with no errors or problems in-game.

FruityFusion 1555860140 ago

Filtering in progress :LOADINGBAR:

AzulieZeiro 1555344071 ago

war never changes

AxelVoss 1554998982 ago

@NEK0 Animation Squad, leider müssen wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir Ihren Upload hiermit sperren müssen. Es kam gerade ein Claim von DrawcallDanny Ltd. rein. Tut uns leid.

maelene 1554944376 ago


AxelVoss 1554758549 ago

Moment, wird gefiltert.

zLucPlayZ 1554758457 ago


Valerian 1554746279 ago

This broke my unity project, open in a new unity project to be safe

NEK0 Animation Squad Author 1554722586 ago

@NayuChan did it

NayuChan 1554721058 ago

at least credit the creator in deviantart

NEK0 Animation Squad Author 1554717891 ago

@UwU than already send all the proof ? when it proved multiple times show it

impoggers 1554709770 ago


u w u 1554700208 ago

oh wow yaki it's almost like it's been proven multiple times that Nek0 steals shit and doesn't credit anyone and acts like he makes everything himself ;D

TheLeadZombie 1554684596 ago

Suck that dick some more yaki

Rubba 1554681504 ago

What’s worse, the neko haters or the neko dick riders? Stay tuned

YakiTV 1554676547 ago

ah yes, random accusations gotta love em. They all just pool and go with the random shit they hear as long as it doesn't support Neko. They are all like the flat earthers group... Brainless.

anonchan 1554671070 ago

dont care about stolen shaders but hes a fucking annoying crasher

Jouska 1554662816 ago

I like how people hate nek0 for "stolen shaders" it's just funny imo.

urki 1554660952 ago

thank you <3

YakiTV 1554659039 ago

lol accurate. Couldn't be more true.


ooh i get to be the first sheep to make an edge "hur dur neko bad man" comment


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