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CryCry's Public "PUBG Twitch Guy"  Screenshot CryCry's Public "PUBG Twitch Guy"  Screenshot CryCry's Public "PUBG Twitch Guy"  Screenshot CryCry's Public "PUBG Twitch Guy"  Screenshot

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1.7K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


"Twitch Prime Guy"
Found the Twitch Prime set in the files so might as well just put it together so have fun guys.

Long story short:

The VRChat Team though it would be fun to put my PUBG world to Community Labs after the latest update,
where it gets flooded by new worlds which makes it almost impossible to find and they refused to redo this regarding my world.
even though this world has been in Public Status ever since 11th of November 2018.


I'm tired of trying to keep it Public so I will just give out all the Avatars.

Avatar has been tested in Full-Body usage and will need tweaking or complete re-rigging to work properly.

Assets (34 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Animation.overrideController
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/PUBG Twitch Prime by CryCry.fbx
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/PUBG Twitch Prime by CryCry Save.unity
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Read Me.txt
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/PUBG Twitch Prime Guy by CryCry.prefab
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Body_TW_02_B_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Hands_PU_01_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_BaseBody_01_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Mask_TW_01_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Face_01_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/EyeScleraBaseColor.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Hands_PU_01_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Feet_TW_01_Right_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Body_TW_02_A_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Body_TW_02_B_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Legs_D_01_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Legs_D_01_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Body_TW_02_A_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Legs_D_01_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Mask_TW_01_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Feet_TW_01_Left_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Face_01_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Body_TW_02_B_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Feet_TW_01_Left_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Feet_TW_01_Right_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Body_TW_02_A_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/EyeScleraBaseColor.jpg
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Hands_PU_01_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Face_01_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Feet_TW_01_Right_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Feet_TW_01_Left_N.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_BaseBody_01_D.tga
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_Mask_TW_01_D.mat
/Assets/PUBG Twitch Prime/Materials/M_BaseBody_01_D.mat

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