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Fursona maker (Male and female) Screenshot Fursona maker (Male and female) Screenshot Fursona maker (Male and female) Screenshot Fursona maker (Male and female) Screenshot

5.7K Total Downloads

129.1K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


I made my own avatar recently and started playing around with blendshapes. Ended up with a character maker of sorts, though it's not incredibly in depth. There are two scene files: Male and female. This includes xiexe's toon shader, and some gestures. One of the gestures activates a dbz aura, credits at the end of the description.

You can customize within unity by selecting the mesh ("Body" in the avatar hierarchy) and setting values for the blendshapes in the inspector (You can see all the shapes in one of the previews here). Mix and match to get what you want! (While not shown here, female shape works with all other shapes, albeit with some rough spots you'll have to smooth out.)
If you do this in blender instead, mix and match, make a new blendshape with the mix, then set that as the basis shape. By doing this, you can smooth out and/or manually modify whatever you may need without compromising the visemes too much.

While you can use the default texture and add color to it, I recommend painting a new texture in blender, mostly because the eyes and mouth share the same texture and material.
The body texture needs to be imported with mipmaps disabled!
The default one is already set up, but for new ones, click on the texture file (not material, texture) and on the inspector disable "Generate Mip Maps".
If you don't do this, the model will look very strange when seen from a distance. This is my mistake for not leaving a big enough margin for textures, sorry!

If you have dynamic bones installed, the tail and the female version's breasts have them set up (or at least, they should. I've shared stuff with dynamic bones with a friend and had issues with them not saving the root bone)

If you don't like being butt naked, mmd clothes are surprisingly compatible, albeit with a couple of clipping issues if you don't delete whatever would be hidden by them. My own avatar uses mmd t-shirt and cargo shorts that were resized to fit. Just remember to rename the clothes' bones to the same as the original skeleton's respective bone

xiexe's unity toon shader

Aura is from "DBFZ Ssj Goku FULL BODY (34k poly) By: CrypticLight"

This is just for kicks, if you decide to make something else out of this (maybe even improve it) feel free to share anywhere as long as you mention me.

I'm loving these comments already. Keep 'em coming :P

180 downloads and -8 points lol I'm even on trending.
Furries be like yoink and decent people be like "fuck no"

Assets (36 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/CharMaker/HandPresets/HandopenJW 1.anim
/Assets/CharMaker/HandPresets/Thumbs up 1.anim
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToonFadeShadowed.shader
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToonTransparentShadowed.shader
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToonBase.cginc
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToonCutout.shader
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToonTransparent.shader
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToonFade.shader
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToon.shader
/Assets/CharMaker/Xiexe's shader/XSToonTransparentDithered.shader
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/eff_shock1.mat
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_aura06.tga
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_aura01.tga
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_thunder02yellow.mat
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/Aura BurstSuper Saiyan Transformation Sound Effect (Read Description).mp3
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_thunder02yellow.tga
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_aura05.tga
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/Cone.FBX
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_burst05_hi.tga
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_aura06.mat
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_aura05.mat
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/aura ssj2 Dragon ball z.mp3
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_burst05_hi.mat
/Assets/DBFZ SSJ GOKU/Materials/cmn_aura01.mat

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Goteer Author 1590675193 ago

Congratz, you found this old thing of mine! I was real bad at UVmaps, so the texture looks almost corrupted. That's just how the texture is. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you paint on the model itself (ie blender's texture painting), rather than editing the 2d image.

Rembos 1572025818 ago

This is the first time i've seen a non-toxic comment section in VRC Mods lol. And they call furries the weirdos? Every anime av post has lewd spam shit in it. xD ironic

Kos_Furry_Creations 1604412392 ago

I noticed this was from a year ago. Have you ever made a updated version or is this the only base?

Japti 1605275602 ago

How do i change the color of the character?

princes21 1595190243 ago

I'm sorry for being stupid but how do you get the model into blender? I can only get a unity package which isn't supported by blender, there was an option to export as fbx in gameobjects I believe, but I can no longer see it.

Alazarth 1702235083 ago

How do I use this, I'm a new user and never used unity ever and I'm so confused, anyone got a adhd friendly tutorial?

tsvvkii 1659323363 ago

This is an old model so idk if anyone will reply, but is there a model I can put into blender so I can retexture it easier? I can't get the FBX export to work, so I cant change the avatar from a unity model myself

NotARussianSpy 1656973237 ago

Thank you for this model, It's greatly appreciated.

OkGames313 1643832206 ago

If anyone still sees this thing, I'm having trouble setting up the eyelids. it didn't come with an avatar descriptor, so I'm having to do all that by myself.

Awoo2-1 1607428183 ago

Yoooo this is dope as hell you just saved so much work for me! Thank you so much dear kind sir appreciate it for real!

mr2meows 1601754883 ago

why cant i make nazeem from skyram

kaibsora 1597918588 ago

I am not sure how to paint new textures while keeping them mirrored on the other half in blender, i know i am new to this and would love to use this, but i am at an impasse. thanks for the time in creating the model though

FoxyFox0203 1580514054 ago

It wont let me upload to vrchat

AzureWolf21 1574014968 ago

your avatar is vary curupt

AzureWolf21 1572053757 ago

your avatar has currupted trxtures

tentaclefuntime 1571311976 ago

reported for herasy

WrathSkele 1567403305 ago

incredible work on this! i've been looking everywhere for a model like this one, you're a lifesaver! thank you! <3 (saves me from having to model something myself aghh)

WrathSkele 1567403241 ago

imagine searching "furry" on VRCmods and insulting someone's model when the best you can do is slap MMD model parts together and call that an avatar

Epkurnis 1566241388 ago

I can't decompress it?

Djpgirl 1565305523 ago

I don't like that all the model is just 1 texture, to be honest, it should be better if some of the parts were separated, like eyes, mouth. And in a more clear and clean texture, I don't even know what is what. And I can only be a grey furry, I did upvote, don't worry, it's just, telling what is really wrong on it.

Goteer Author 1565187433 ago

@Prinnygod I could give it a shot, though don't expect great quality because I'm not used to neither drawing nor sculpting anything with scales (I would essentially make a cartoonish argonian and add blendshapes for other stuff). Any suggestions on optional parts, like fins and horns?

Prinnygod 1565152117 ago

Neat. Would it be possible in the future to make a base for lizards?

Minitiger 1565007252 ago

Aww, thats a fantastic Idea! thank you! i can finally make my fursona like she actually is than a nanachi^^

OscarSkeetsy 1564794527 ago

anything that is furry in here is always getting down voted.. smh stupid weebs

Goddesswolf 1564789308 ago

Dynamic bones aren't working for me.

mostlyxconfused 1564715138 ago

Downvotes Incoming

cuzz 1564687983 ago

Vrchat is officially dead

SnowballSB 1564684103 ago

I've been waiting for something like this. Thank you for this blessed creation.

AzulieZeiro 1564679825 ago

works great with dog run animation

Alcairr 1564659483 ago

I agree with SmolFluff here if you wanna criticize something at least make your criticism constructive

WarLeaderMike 1564620620 ago


SmolFluff 1564611465 ago

tfw people insult somebodys work cause it's "furry"
get a life and make your own model fucktards

deadfrog69 1564590699 ago

ew gross furry why what is wrong with you this is an abomination you are part of the problem

HeIIfish13 1564588655 ago

for once i would like to say can we just keep the anime characters in vrchat? its better without furries

Shinigami 1564571284 ago

eww furry

Alcairr 1564517563 ago


Djpgirl 1564515440 ago


TheLeadZombie 1564515050 ago


NeganVR 1564511632 ago


yelby 1564503689 ago

Seems interesting, I'll give it a shot and let you know what I think. Its definitly more cartoonish than my current model which is generated from a program that does super realistic stuff.

MEEWAH 1564503569 ago


bitty 1564500830 ago

o god what have you started


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