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Cat Paw Trail Screenshot Cat Paw Trail Screenshot

1.1K Total Downloads

25.9K Total Views

Asset Type Particles

File Type Unity Package


Since I'm guessing like me most of you don't know how to use particles, This is my first time messing around with making them so bare with lmao.
First Import the package, Then open the folder and drag the "Stig's Cat Trail" Scene into your Heirarchy and then attach the Trail to your armature.
->If you want to edit the size of the paws then click on both "Cat Paw Trail" and "Cat Paw" Particle systems, Then on the right scrill down till you find the "Renderer" Tab, Open that then you'll see "Max Particle Size" Change that to whatever size you want for the paws.
->If you want to effect the speed of the particles, (To spece them out more or make them spawn more frequently for bigger/smaller avatars) Then Click on the particle systems again, And head over to the "Emission" Tab and under there you'll see "Rate Over distance" The highter you put that, The paws will spawn more, And the lower you put, They will spawn less often.
->If you want to change the colour of the paws, Then take the "CatPaw" Texture in the package into any photo editor, Change the colour then put it on the "Paw" Material.
Like I said, This is the first time I've made particles, So enjoy I guess <3

Assets (5 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Stigs Cat Paw Trail/Paw.mat
/Assets/Stigs Cat Paw Trail/CatPawPink.png
/Assets/Stigs Cat Paw Trail/Stig's Cat Trail.unity
/Assets/Stigs Cat Paw Trail/CatPaw.png

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solis 1628675518 ago

if you want the paws to fade as you walk, enable colour over lifetime, and set the alpha in the order (255,255,255,255). this will make the paws solid. near the end of gradient, you want the same order, but instead the last one is 0. so, (255,255,255,0).


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