Thick Lucoa

Uploaded by AzulieZeiro 1525303262 ago


Modified mesh of the dynamic bones Lucoa available on VRCMods.

Alternative download and Thick Tohru avatar ->

She has hips that go with those balloon boobs now, and a few other touch ups to the mesh with some vertex smoothing.

Also uses Real Toon shader that I setup to give a really nice look in lighted areas.

Original mod ->
Short demonstration in lighted environment.

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AzulieZeiro Author 1528694585 ago

I smoothed it up a little, but thats the most I'm going to do. Looks less blocky at least.

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AzulieZeiro Author 1528679587 ago

I did smooth out the nips, but I dont see why uncubing those boobs wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Benjamoose 1528675061 ago

Would you consider doing a mesh edit with the chest more rounded?

The pointy tips look weird from underneath.

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