Rin Kagamine (Emotes, Gestures, Eye tracking, Lip Sync)

Uploaded by bobilly89 1517788699 ago


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You will also need to import the CubedShaders package into unity before importing this avatar, the download link is below:

This avatar comes with cubed shaders for an animated look, 8 custom dance emotes, 3 Gesture overrides, Dynamic bones and colliders to interact with hair and ears. This model also has lip syncing and eye tracking. This model has 2 knives pulled out on the RockNRoll gesture.

1. Download the cubedshaders and vrcsdk if you don't have it. Links are above.
2. Import vrcsdk into unity, then the cubed shaders package.
3. import the avatar
4. Load the scene named OpenMe placed in the folder named Rin
5. Upload

RockNRoll: Pulls out 2 knives one in each hand
HandGun: Happy Expression
Victory: Happy Expression 2

Check out this link for Len Kagamine: https://vrcmods.com/item/459-Len-Kagamine

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Hayan 1546273512 ago

I love this but it's too much decimated. Is there a possibility you will re-release the pre-decimated version

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ll1k4 1517869015 ago

It seems to me that the error appears because of CubedShaders

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arcrox 1517865565 ago

Would still love a pre-decimation version of this model for those of us willing to take the risk :)

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ll1k4 1517854397 ago

When I load, I get an error

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Xeraphim 1517822395 ago

Oh, I did not know that 0_0 thanks for letting me know though

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bobilly89 Author 1517822045 ago

@xeraphim you get banned for doing that

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Xeraphim 1517821889 ago

I absolutely love this skin to bits, but I also agree with arcrox. Is there any way to fix the thighs and shoulders without going over 20,000 polygons? I did hear that if you change the value of how many polygons you can upload to vrchat, within the VRChat SDK itself, that can make it so you can upload characters with polygons of even higher quantities. I’m not sure if it’s 100% true, but I hear many people use that trick, so they don’t have to decimate their avatars.

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bobilly89 Author 1517813988 ago

@arcrox. Couldn't avoid it without being over 20k polys. I was able to keep the arms and fingers and legs normal but I couldn't decimate it below without messing up those parts.

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arcrox 1517813529 ago

Great avatar, but the geometry's pretty messed up in the thighs and arms. Fix that and it would be 10/10.

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