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Welcome to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning - Let's go on a field trip! This avatar was modeled, textured, and rigged in Blender from the ground up. V2.2b Changelog: - Added jump-scare using Terminal's glitch shader - Added a second impossible question with finger-point V2.0b Changelog: - Removed eyebrows and hair - Added hardhat and camping backpack - Added custom emotes from Clyde's animation pack - Added sound to emotes Gestures: Victory = You Can Think Pad™ in left hand (answerable question). Finger Point = You Can Think Pad™ in right hand (impossible question). Rock and Roll = Ruler in right hand (plays slap sound). Thumbs Up = Shiny quarter in right hand (reward to players who answer first question correctly). Hand Gun = Jump-scare (blinds players and plays sound). Animations Pack by Clyde: Orange Justice by Mocah: Glitch Shader by Terminal: Original Baldi avatar by me: Enjoy the campfire!

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AnimeLoverOtakuAndFnafFanNya 1616001707 ago

Doesn’t this model belong to HorrorFull?

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