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Avali Avatar Update 1.1 Screenshot Avali Avatar Update 1.1 Screenshot Avali Avatar Update 1.1 Screenshot

6.1K Total Downloads

146K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Here we go! Public release of the Avali Avatar I made! Just download Unity File and load the "Scene" (Make sure VRCSDK is loaded into Unity)

Comes with Several different colors:

White, Black, Green, dark Blue, Sky blue, Pink, Yellow, Red
Just change the Texture on the Material

Update 1.1
*Fixed some minor problems
*Added 4 new shape-keys (Happy,Sad,Mouth Open, Tears)
*Included a UV Map Export for helping re-texture

Assets (40 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Avali Public/Avali Tail Extra.fbx
/Assets/Avali Public/README.txt
/Assets/Avali Public/Avali scene.unity
/Assets/Avali Public/HELP Page.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Avali Tail UV layout.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublicRed.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublicBlack.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublicNavyBlue.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublicYellow.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublicGreen.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublicSky.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublic.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Textures/AvaliUVPublicPink.png
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/ReadMe.txt
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Demo/Demo1.unity
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Demo/c1.fbx
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Demo/tail.FBX
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Demo/GameController.cs
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Scripts/DynamicBoneColliderBase.cs
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Scripts/DynamicBone.cs
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Scripts/DynamicBonePlaneCollider.cs
/Assets/Avali Public/DynamicBone/Scripts/DynamicBoneCollider.cs
/Assets/Avali Public/Animations/Angry.anim
/Assets/Avali Public/Animations/wink peace.anim
/Assets/Avali Public/Animations/Eyebrows.anim
/Assets/Avali Public/Animations/Shocked.anim
/Assets/Avali Public/Animations/Blink.anim
/Assets/Avali Public/Animations/Avali Override public.overrideController
/Assets/Avali Public/Animations/Tail fan.anim
/Assets/Avali Public/Materials/Public Avali.mat
/Assets/Avali Public/Materials/Avali Materials 2.mat
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/PoiyomiDissolve.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/LICENSE
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/PoiyomiSkinFunc.tga
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/PoiyomiToonFunc.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/PoiyomiMetalFunc.png
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/Transparent/PoiyomiMaster.shader
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/Editor/PoiMaster.cs
/Assets/Avali Public/Shaders/PoiShaders/MasterShader/Opaque/PoiyomiMaster.shader

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aaronfranke 1581025130 ago

Updated Avali 1.3 version that's also compatible with Quest:

Fidget 1574664705 ago

Check the Avali Army discord for updated models.

Minty Flow 1577143211 ago

What is the discord server link? I'd like to join it.

BR Frenzy 1567399047 ago

Could you upload your newer ones to here to? I really like them.

Kazii The Avali 1566859745 ago

How do i make the tail move more dynamic

truonganhtung 1565618743 ago

for some reason it not let me Build & Publish the avatar

LazyScorp 1551703633 ago

Just for anyone else that might have that viseme issue, it just means you have to select the Body as the target mesh/area for the visemes in the inspector/avatar descriptor.

Fabian06 1549059710 ago

Same as the person below meIdk why it just appears, would you kindly fix it?

Warkin Volselli 1548034841 ago

I get an error which prevents me from being able to actually use it, something like "This avatar uses Visemes but the Face Mesh is not specified."

GearBell 1547105033 ago


zoompower 1546903861 ago

Amazing model, but the dynamic bones don't seem to work for me. I am very new to this modeling stuff, am I doing something wrong

OmniKitsune 1546803319 ago

Beautiful avatar, only problem I saw was a vertex for the feathers on the right wrist wasn't rooted. Results in it clipping through the wrist at most angles. Aside from that though, love the avi! Been hoping someone would bring these little guys into the VR world.

RDashi 1546663939 ago is the Avali server for all who become one.

AzulieZeiro 1546367604 ago

I took this to the great pug set as public and instantly turned the first person I met into a furry

Unreal 1546346817 ago

if you could make some clothes that would be sick!


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