Eren Yaeger (53k polygons, custom emotes)

Uploaded by Eagle 1533411458 ago


Original file:
(you may have noticed I removed the jacket, it was not properly placed and clipping through the shirt and body and i'm not sure how to fix that, rip)

Because season 3 of AoT was released, i thought to celebrate i'd upload some AoT characters!

First here's our main boi, Eren Yaeger/Jaeger (more characters soon)

He's about 52-3k polygons, I might try to decimate him but for now you'll need a modded SDK
(If you're interrested you could also try to decimate it yourself, i included the original xps file to open in blender)

Modded SDK: (instructions on how to use it is in the readme file.

Follow this tutorial if you need help with download:

If you already have SDK folder inside your unity project, swap it with the modded one while Unity is closed (SDK is in the project -> assets folder

Cubed Shaders needed:

Import shaders into Unity before importing the Avatar

PS: his mouth may be slighty open once uploaded, but i'll upload the avatar anyway and I'll update the avatar if I'm able to fix it.

Edit: If you get a half-visible model, change Eren's materials from transparent to opaque. thanks to @Mr. El and @undrehan9900 for informing me

Any problems? message me on discord: Eagle#4191

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thatVRguy283 1608530601 ago

is there a VRchat world name cause iā€™m having trouble finding it can you please help me.

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Eagle Author 1565829987 ago

I may redo this model one day, with actual visemes and eye tracking etc

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HeroBound 1565751300 ago

How to fix this avatar: In materials, change them all from transparent to opaque. Also turn down the smoothness all the way to the left side for each material. To fix the mouth being open all the time, in the inspector tab click 'select' when the model is clicked and then press 'rig'. Once in the rig section, press 'configure' and you should see a green humanoid figure. On the bottom left of that window, click on 'head' and you should find five circles. Click on the jaw circle and press delete on your keyboard, hit apply and then select done. After that, you should be good.

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VRLord 1552175961 ago

Is it possible to turn him into a titan?

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Eren Jaeger 1539998001 ago

wheres my mommy

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Wolfypvp123 1537540681 ago

Make it so he can turn into eren titan if you can plz xD

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Eagle Author 1534100592 ago follow this tutorial then try to make sure your materials setting are like this

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MrEl 1534051732 ago

I've installed everything correctly with updated CubeUnityShadered (v0.25) - also reinstalled it multiple times to see if that would fix it - and I'm having the same problem as @underhan9900 where only Eren's head renders, I do not know what specific settings I need to check. Here's some Imgur pics:

Please tell me if you need any more screenshots or specifics on what my settings are.

I friended you on Discord for assistance before making this post, Mr. El#2628 (colorful background and a flower as the foreground).

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Eagle Author 1533946545 ago

@underhan9900 can you show me a screenshot of unity with the material so i can see what's wrong? (imgur link maybe?)

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underhan9900 1533639731 ago

something wrong with his materials when i put cubeshaders on its like its turn into gui but it says its Cubeunityshadered... so the whole body became half invisble

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